Roofmax Roof Paint

Roofmax Roof Paint

Roofmax Roof Paint

Product Number: RX

Roofmax Roof Paint
Cool Grey Cool Grey
Denim Grey Denim Grey
Deep Karaka Deep Karaka
Earth Brown Earth Brown
Ferric Red Ferric Red
Magna Ironsand Magna Ironsand
Plantation Green Plantation Green
Steely Charcoal Steely Charcoal
Roofmax Primer - Grey Roofmax Primer - Grey


Roofmax Roof Paint - 10 litre, 4 litre and testpots available

Roofmax is a water based, acrylic, linseed oil modified roof paint incorporating modern day anti-corrosive and fungicidal protection technology.

  • Roofmax hybrid oleoresinous system is a blend of an acrylic binder with linseed oil which has exceptional tolerance to imperfect surfaces compared to conventional acrylics (especially flaking surfaces) due to the special wicking/bonding ability of linseed oil.
  • Roofmax dries to a low sheen finish with a high opacity giving excellent UV absorption and high durability.
  • Roofmax can be used as a primer, undercoat and finish coat.



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