Aquamax Timber Stain

Aquamax Timber Stain

Aquamax Timber Stain

Product Number: AX

Volcanic Red Volcanic Red
Brown Bean Brown Bean
Terra Tan Terra Tan
Cedar Brown Cedar Brown
Boulder Wood Boulder Wood
Clear Base Clear Base
Rustic Oakwood Rustic Oakwood
Karaka Green Karaka Green
Black Coal Black Coal
Smokey Charcoal Smokey Charcoal


Aquamax Timber Stain - 10 litre, 4 litre and testpots available

Aquamax is an innovative, water based, linseed oil penetrating timber stain which is an improved formula with quicker drying time than Aqualin. Aquamax has been formulated as a house quality linseed oil timber stain, but affordable for fences, gates, beams, trellis, pergolas and other timber surfaces. (Is Aquamax house quality?? Please see bulletin below)


Product Bulletin

Aquamax is applied as a water based product, but when the water evaporates, linseed oil is released to penerate into the timber which helps preserve it. Aquamax dries to a low gloss, stained finish with high opacity, giving excellent UV absorbtion and high durability*.

*Aquamax performs best on surfaces which have good absorbency, for example, new or weathered, rough sawn or dressed, softwood timbers (like pine). Aquamax can also be used on previously stained timber provided it has been weathered and becomes absorbent.  It is desirable, but not essential that hardwoods have been weathered for more than a year to increase absorbency.  On non-standard surfaces we suggest a test patch to determine the penetration of Aquamax.  


Aquamax Clear Base is used primarily for diluting the Aquamax colours when more transparency is required. When Clear Base is used alone (without colour) it is not as durable as the colours and therefore not recommended for exterior use. Aquamax Clear Base is also useful as a primer for high absorbency (ie weathered) timber prior to applying a paint finish. Aquamax Clear Base can be used as a base for tinting using universal colourants



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NB: Colours on the colour chart are a guide only, due to limitations in printing processes