Aqualin Timber Stain

Aqualin Timber Stain

Aqualin Timber Stain

Product Number: AQ

Nutmeg Nutmeg
Ebony Ebony
Transpar Transpar
Green Pine Green Pine
Rustic Oak Rustic Oak
Demin Demin
Terracotta Terracotta
Brown Bark Brown Bark
Stonewood Stonewood
Redwood Redwood
Charred Grey Charred Grey


Aqualin Timber Stain - 10 Litre, 4 litre and testpots available

Aqualin is a unique, high performance, penetrating timber stain suitable for use on absorbent, new and weathered, timber surfaces.  Aqualin is a house quality stain, yet affordable for fences.   


Aqualin Product Bulletin

Aqualin is applied as a water based product, but when the water evaporates linseed oil is released to penerate into the timber, forming a low gloss stained finish of relatively high opacity, giving excellent UV absorption and high durability.  The film dries overnight to a surface with no "rub off"and continues hardening for several days

Apply with brush, roller, speed pad or spray gun.

On non-standard surfaces you can do a test patch to determine that Aqualin soaks in.

Aqualin is also a sealer on weathered areas of wood when painting.  It can be over coated with conventional paints but our 'Multiversal' paint is recommended.

Note: The Transpar (Clear) is not as durable as the colours, so is not recommended for exterior finishing unless some colour is added in the form of Aqualin colour or Universal colourants. (It is however useful as a primer on weathered timber to improve the adhesion of paint.)



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